Biggest Club on Campus Outdoors Since 1919 Lots to Do
The Wisconsin Hoofers is the largest student organization at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. We have over 2,500 members comprised of students, faculty, staff, and community members. The Wisconsin Hoofers started in 1919 when the Hoofers came together to construct the first wooden ski jump on Muir Knoll. Over the last century the Wisconsin Hoofers have brought on many more clubs and have a wide variety of outdoor activities. From sailing on lake Mendota to Skiing in Jackson hole, Hoofers offers the ability for you to learn many outdoor skills and partake in many different activites.

Meet Hoofer Council

Hoofer Council is a combination of club presidents/commodores as well as other chairs that act like the glue for all of Hoofers.

Club Presidents

  • Hoofer Council President: David O'Keeffe (president@hoofers.org)
  • Outing President: Mary Cretney (outingpresident@hoofers.org)
  • Mountaineering President: Elena Dai (mountaineering@hoofers.org)
  • Riding President: Erin Roberge (ridingpresident@hoofers.org)
  • Scuba President: Samantha Schiereck (scuba@hoofers.org)
  • Ski and Snowboard President: Amanda Fenton (sns@hoofers.org)
  • Sailing Commodore: Lukas Duddleston (commodore@hoofersailing.org)


  • VP-Finance: Jacob Asbjornson (vpfinance@hoofers.org)
  • VP-Administration: Charlie Childs (vpadmin@hoofers.org)
  • VP-Marketing: Luke Pitzo (vpmarketing@hoofers.org)
  • VP-Programs: Adeline Zamora (vpprograms@hoofers.org)
  • VP-Information Systems: Caleb Reiter (vpinfosystems@hoofers.org)
  • VP-Education and Risk Management: Adam Yeazel (vpeducationrisk@hoofers.org)